Monthly Archives: January 2011

menu plan monday ~ january 24, 2011

There’s still some time for snow and snowflakes, but I prefer to see them inside rather than outside…like this one… Or these… Here’s the menu for the week. Monday Beef and Veggie Stir Fry Tuesday Chili Cornbread Carrot and Celery Sticks Wednesday Oven BBQ chicken Corn Peas Fruit Salad Thursday Baked Chicken Parmesan Baby Baked […]

when it looks like this outside…

Outside, it’s cold and snowy and harsh. And, no, I didn’t go outside to take that picture. I took it right through the window, screen and all, from my cozy perch in the scrapbook room on the second floor. Outside looks rather uninviting to me! So I stay indoors, enjoy my homemade toasted roll topped […]

menu plan monday ~ january 17, 2011

We begin a new week still feeling under the weather. DD has a return of her head cold and I am still favoring my left leg which is healing from an infection. But we plug away…DD is curled up in the library with her school work and a warm blanket and I am doing some […]

sickly me

I’ve been sick. Came on me quickly Monday evening. Fever, chills, etc. Big time. Today I am feeling better and able to be up and about. It’s times like these that make me especially thankful for laptops, Ipods, cell phones, and my Nook. I don’t have to leave my bed to check my email, look […]

menu plan monday ~ january 10, 2011

I’ve been working on my Putz houses the past few days. I made patterns for two vintage ones I saw photos of and made a prototype of each from printer paper. I also made a box from a Christmas card, thinking I’d use it as a base for a house, but it’s so pretty that […]

i’m ready for this…

Is it fair to jump straight from Christmas joy to spring joy, skipping the January/February days of grey? The first crocus last year was found in our yard on March 3. You can’t imagine how we scour the yard for these little guys…the first one up is a reason to celebrate! This picture was taken […]

menu plan monday ~ january 3, 2011

Did you get your New Year’s kiss? Don’t want one! She wouldn’t let me kiss her! We said goodbye to our son and his family today as they packed the van and headed home. We enjoyed a great visit this past week and had so much fun with the grands. DD and I took the […]


My computer came down with a virus last week. That has hindered my blogging and flickr posting. Right now, I’m using an old computer that isn’t as friendly as my own, but I was tired of waiting for my own to be refitted. Christmas morning started with apple dumplings made by my son (in the […]