Monthly Archives: October 2010

menu plan monday ~ october 25, 2010

My sister Genny came again this weekend, even though I was still recuping (and crouping) from the bad cold I had last week. She and DH did a lot of work with the ongoing Christmas decorating. I did a lot of supervising. We worked on the library tree, which displays my collection of nativity ornaments. […]

menu plan monday ~ october 17, 2010

With 22 Christmas trees to put up before our annual open house the first Sunday in December, we have to start early. This weekend, my sister came to help put up the first four. This one, in the guest room, is decorated in white, silver, and shades of light blue. The LED lights have bluish […]

a visit with the grands

We are home after a great visit with our son and his family. Seeing the grands was wonderful. Just a few pics from our visit… Twin2 called DH “Pa” all week. She would say “where Pa?? where Pa??” every time he left the room. Twin1 handed out kisses right and left. They enjoyed getting reacquainted […]

menu plan monday ~ october 11, 2010

We’re having a great visit with the grands! Here’s the menu for the week… Monday Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs Chips Veggie Packets Tuesday Ham / Turkey Deli Sandwiches Veggies / Dip Apple Pie substituting apples for raspberries in this recipe and Ice Cream Wednesday Julie’s Fake Baked Ziti Garlic Bread Green Salad Corn Steamed Sugar […]


Just a couple of pictures from the yard. This one shows the beautiful colors of a small oak tree. And this one shows a little autumn haze in the air and the long shadows at the end of the day. A peaceful time in the garden. The weather has been, for the most part, beautiful. […]

recent bouquets for church

The garden is dwindling, but fall is putting out some beautiful color and even some blossoms here and there. Here are two bouquets recently made for church that show the variety still available this time of year. This basket bouquet is made with hydrangeas and sweet autumn clematis. And this burst of fall color is […]

menu plan monday ~ october 4, 2010

Last week I made Crock Pot Hoppin’ John Soup. It was easy to make and delicious. Though I did find the kale to be a little too much broccoli/cabbage flavor. And after cooking all day, it was the color of seaweed. Not very pretty. Maybe I’ll try spinach next time. DD asked for “Golden Nectar […]