Monthly Archives: November 2010

menu plan monday ~ november 29, 2010

This is a very busy week for us. Next Sunday is our annual Christmas Open House. We expect 180-200 guests, and, of course, I want everything to be perfect! :-} With apologies to my husband who has taken the week off to help…but he knows how I am, don’t you, Honey? We started decorating the […]

menu plan monday ~ november 22, 2010

This past weekend, my sister and her daughter-in-law came to help put up more Christmas trees. And, can you believe it??, I didn’t take a single picture! Sarah did a great job and was happy to do anything we asked of her. She even made chili for lunch and then made homemade pizza dough for […]

menu plan monday ~ november 15, 2010

We’ve been busy around here, with Christmas decorating and cookie baking. DD spent a few days at her older sister’s house, so I had Thursday/Friday with no homeschooling. That meant I had time to catch up on cookie baking. I made Sour Cream Sugar Cookies, Sugar Cookie Crisps, Elfin Bites, Chocolate Peppermint Shortbread Cookies, Chocolate […]

menu plan monday ~ november 8, 2010…better late than never…

We’ve enjoyed days of glorious fall weather. From the classroom, we’ve watched the Southern Oak in the backyard turn from green to gold. This pictured doesn’t do it justice, but does give a hint of its beauty. Buttercup continues to join us each school day. She slept in this box of scratch paper all day […]

nutmeg logs

Yesterday, I baked Nutmeg Logs for the Christmas Open House. I’m a little behind on baking, but still have four weeks, right?? I like to cut the cookies with the crimped pastry cutter. It gives the cookies a decorative edge. I make these rather thin because that creates a crisp cookie. The cookie platter needs […]

menu plan monday ~ november 1, 2010

Last weekend Genny and I worked on decorating the living room for Christmas. If you are new to this blog, yes, it’s early for most people, but someone has to be the exception, right? Each year, we host an open house the first Sunday of December, so we have to be ready early. We have […]