menu plan monday ~ august 24, 2009

Yesterday, company came over to visit for a few days. A dear friend I haven’t seen in probably 25 years. It is so good to see her again, to reminisce about college days, compare time lines of our lives since then, etc. We’re having a wonderful time. She’ll be here until tomorrow morning. So I’m late posting today. I’m too busy talking. 😀 But she’s on her laptop and I’m on mine right now. A little quiet time before we head out for an early supper with DD, then we’re off to riding lessons for the evening.

DH and I did a lot of yard work Saturday afternoon / evening, which was satisfying. Autumn is creeping into the picture, so I am eager to get outdoors to take some shots of the changes the garden is going through right now. I took a few on Saturday and will leave you with those for right now. And the week’s menu. 🙂 We’ll get back to more garden pictures in a few days.

shadows on the lawn

Russian sage


eat out
dessert / brownies and homemade chocolate ice cream

hamburgers / homemade buns
chips / veggies / dip

loaded baked potatoes
green salad

Pork Tenderloin in the slow cooker
Maple Pan-Roasted Baby Carrots
mashed potatoes
tomato cucumber salad

steamed red potatoes
sugar snap peas

fridge food

grilled shrimp and scallops
grilled corn on the cob
grilled veggie packets (these were a hit last week)
spinach salad

Head over to Menu Plan Monday for more menu ideas and recipe links. Enjoy!


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