lots of rain for the garden

We had a lot of rain both Saturday and Sunday. Three inches on Saturday, and probably at least two more inches between Saturday pm and Sunday afternoon. In the early evening, we went outside to catch a few shots via the light of the setting sun.

rain puddles

Another lake in the center of the driveway.


And lots of puddles.

puddle time


rain drops

The fragrance from the garden phlox is heavenly.

garden phlox

The ribbon grass adds great texture to the garden. This is so pretty in the fading evening light.

ribbon grass

Everything in the garden glistens with rain drops.


hosta flowers

unknown lily

The color of the purple cone flowers ties the garden beds together as the daylily color begins to decline. Purple cone flowers reseed themselves with great abandon and have spread across the garden. Not a bad thing, if you have room for them. Otherwise, just pull them out and pass them on to someone else. They are native to the prairie and are great plants that require little care and no watering.

purple cone flowers

We are asked about this a lot, so I’ll tell you (in case you’ve wondered) that we do not water our garden. We do water plants when first planted, but other than that, they have to fend for themselves. If they can’t survive without watering, they won’t be in our garden. Of course, that’s not an issue this year with all the rain we’ve had! We do put down a lot of mulch and that helps tremendously. The soil condition improves with the mulching and that helps hold moisture. We use wood chips as mulch. A friend has a tree trimming business and he keeps us well supplied. Thanks, Paul!!

ribbon grass

summer time

black eyed Susans

I can hear the barn swallows chattering like crazy on the front porch. Sounds like the babies are fledging!

barn swallows

I’ve worked on this post off and on all day. Now it’s after 6:00 and DH is on his way home from work. We’ll have a quick supper, then check on the barn swallows and take another walk around the yard. 🙂


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  1. Posted July 13, 2009 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

    What a beautiful garden and what space you have! I love all the coneflowers you have. Beautiful pictures too. Thanks for visiting my blog today 🙂

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