who’s ready for spring?

This is now:



Pippin spends a lot of time sitting on the railing of the back porch, peering in through the kitchen door. He may be spending this evening in the shed, though, curled up in the hay bales. The news is predicting 6-8″ of snow for us this evening. We shall see…but I am so ready for spring! If you are, too, here’s a taste of what’s to come.

The peonies and irises make a beautiful show in May.

peonies and iris

Peony ‘Krinkled White’

Peony 'Krinkled White'

Iris ‘Raspberry Blush’ is one of the first irises to bloom in our yard. It comes on strong and looks beautiful!

Iris 'Raspberry Blush'

Baby robins in the redbud tree.

baby robins

One of my favorite irises ~ ‘Immortality.’ This is a beautiful flower and a great rebloomer providing it gets plenty of moisture. Smells wonderful!

Iris 'Immortality'

Columbine has a habit of coming up all over the place. 🙂 The purple flowers in the right foreground are honesty, otherwise known as “money plant.” They, too, pop up all over the place, but we don’t mind. They are beautiful in early spring and, later, they form a pretty seed head that is useful in dried arrangements.

columbine and fountain

Peony ‘Bowl of Cream’

Peony 'Bowl of Cream'

Irises come in so many lovely colors and combinations.


And my favorite peony…’Sorbet.’ What’s not to love??

'Sorbet' peony

I can almost smell spring…soon, I hope! ~~Rhonda

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  1. Posted February 10, 2008 at 8:40 am | Permalink

    I AM! I AM! I am SO READY for Spring! I just love seeing all the pretty flowers! And the trees turning green again! I want to plant some irises! They are SO beautiful! I once had a sorbet peony bush! I will have to buy another one. Peonies are “one” of my favorite flowers! But then again, I love ALL flowers! How could you not? They are all little bits of sunshine and happiness!

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