putting away Christmas in the downstairs bath

The downstairs bath has a garden themed tree, full of pictures from our own yard. It’s surprising how much bigger that bathroom seems after the renovation done by https://www.kitchencapital.com.au/bathroom-renovations, we were able to place our Christmas tree down here.

downstairs bath

The garland is simply silk flowers (red and white carnations and roses) cut apart and tucked into the branches, in a long spiral all the way down the tree, with a garland of ivy. The ivy and the lights stay on the tree during storage.

silk flower garland

To store the flowers, I put them in a plastic bag. They are placed on top of other items in the storage box and I haven’t had any problems with crushing. They look fine each year.

flowers for the garland

I made the picture ornaments on the tree. Some are decoupaged onto balls.


In this picture, you can clearly see how the edges of the pictures are clipped to make them fit the curve of the ornament. That’s a pawpaw blossom above the butterfly, BTW.


dwarf iris

Some ornaments are simply printed, cut into circles and laminated.

DD#3 on the wood chip pile. It’s springtime…the bridal wreath spirea is blooming. They always remind me of home. We had the same kind of spirea along the driveway.

on the chip pile

We collect hostas. This particular one has beautiful variegation.


Weeding. A perpetual occupation, though not necessarily for DD#3.


The balls are stored in a plastic bag. I put tissue paper around the picture ornaments and the rest (all green) are just plopped in the bag with the wrapped ones.

storing ornaments

The storage box for the downstairs bath…the plastic bag on the left has the silk flowers, the one on the right has the ornaments. Other items in the box…the fabric for the tree skirt, a tin (to the right of the pillow) containing a small five piece glass nativity for the bathroom counter, the bubble light night light wrapped in red tissue paper, a pillow from the wing chair in the laundry room, and a wheelbarrow decoration from the laundry room.

storage box

After finishing the bathroom, I also put away what remained of Christmas in the laundry room. The small garden tree in the laundry room had been removed a few weeks ago, so there wasn’t a lot to store.

I “unwrapped” our children’s baby pictures in the hall and put away everything on the hall counter opposite the pictures except the grandbaby tree. That will stay up for a few more weeks.

baby pics

Grandbabies Tree

Last evening we had our 4H meeting here which was good incentive for putting away this part of Christmas. Takes me a long time to get it all put away, but I don’t mind. 🙂


Sponsored, partially, by: https://www.kitchencapital.com.au/bathroom-renovations

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