a few favorite ornaments

As I removed ornaments from the living room tree this year, I took pictures of a few of my favorites to share with you.

I made this ornament a few years ago, one for each of our five children, using pictures from Christmases past. It was a fun project and one I have adapted to other ornament themes, including an ornament with pictures of DS#2’s and DDIL’s two cats.

family ornaments

I imported the pictures I wanted to use into Print Shop, cropped them, sized them, then printed the pictures using a color inkjet printer (HP 5500, I think). I tore around the pictures, clipped them to make them fit the curve of the ornament, then decoupaged them to the ball. When dry, I sprayed them with a sealant. Easy to make.

My sister gave this ornament to me after a particularly bad infestation of lady bugs one fall. Their little legs are on tiny wires and jiggle madly with every movement. I think she found it at a truck stop. 🙂 This is one of the few ornaments I store in its original package, to protect it while in storage. Most fragile ornaments are wrapped in tissue paper and stored together in cardboard boxes which are then placed in plastic storage boxes.

ladybug Christmas

My sister also gave these ornaments to me. She made them from salt dough. They have the cutest expressions. Wish I had more…maybe that’s a project I need to note in my Christmas Notebook for next year.

salt dough stars

This is one of my favorite ornaments. DD#2 made this little guy while in summer camp when she was younger. He’s supposed to be Jesus, as stated on his front, but I think he looks a lot like Hitler…

guess who

As our children leave home for homes of their own, they take their ornament collections with them to decorate their own Christmas trees. I told DD I was keeping that ornament when she leaves one day, but I did put it in her box of ornaments this year, she will be glad to know. 😉 He’s just so cute…and he makes me laugh every year when I pull him out of the storage box.

My most favorite ornament is another one DD#2 will inherit one day. I blogged it here.


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