Daily Archives: November 15, 2007

kitchen garland – going up!

Last night DH put the garland up in the kitchen. Standing on the counter is the only way to do it. The next step is to add the snowflakes. We’ve had some frosts, so the geraniums came in. Not sure where they are going to end up, but they are so pretty right now that […]

addressing Christmas cards

The piles are getting bigger…

halfway through

3:00 pm – I’m halfway through the Christmas card list. Taking a break as my hand needs a rest. There are about 20 more finished invites then I will have to stop and make more. I have a meeting tonight and a chat later this evening, so won’t have time tonight to get much else […]

cards, invites, and tv

Today I have several projects on my agenda. I have the bulletin inserts for church to format and print so they can be copied for church. After finishing that, I’ll catch up on some Tivo while addressing our Christmas cards. I have half the open house invitations done, so will be doing more of that […]