Monthly Archives: June 2016

finished two putz houses

A few posts ago, I showed you a few new colors I am working on with the Putz houses. Today I completed two of the five houses currently in process. The first one is a pumpkin gold color with an olive green roof. Not my personal favorite colors, but my Mom would have loved them. […]

the garden this week

First, I have to say…I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE MY LAPTOP BACK!!! Many thanks to DH for putting in the new keyboard which seems to have fixed all the problems. Now I can resume blog posting with ease. Here are a few pictures from the garden. We go out after DH gets home work […]

three little kittens…well, not so little any more…

For a change of pace, I thought I’d post about three of our kitties. We have a lot of cats. More than three. It’s a good thing we are cat people. Half our cats adopted us. And we can’t say no. How do they know?? This is Ski. He is my cat. He is two […]

new colors for the putz houses

I have been asked by a few people lately if I might make Putz houses in other colors than the ones I’ve been using. Of course! Just let me know what you would like to see! So, I started with five… Added roofs and window panes. Added snow to the roofs and window frames to […]

menu plan monday ~ may 6, 2016

We had a lot of rian on Saturday, but Sunday was sunny with a very blue sky. So pretty. DH and I toured the yard and noted all the FFO (First Flower Out) daylilies. This one is ‘Purple Bicolor.’ It’s always exciting to see the daylily season begin! There are a lot of flower buds […]

spring garden

The garden is so pretty in the spring. Breezy days at just the right temperatures. Showers to keep everything watered and lushly growing. I do love spring. Here are a few pictures taken during the past week or two. There’s a lot of purple going on. Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’ We have two of these. I […]

white putz houses…one with pink, one with blue

I am having a hard time getting things done the past few days. The weekend was busy, we had a great time on Memorial Day with Older Son and his family, I thought Tuesday was Monday all day long, and here it is Wednesday afternoon and I am well behind where I thought I would […]