the garden this week

First, I have to say…I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE MY LAPTOP BACK!!! Many thanks to DH for putting in the new keyboard which seems to have fixed all the problems. Now I can resume blog posting with ease.

Here are a few pictures from the garden. We go out after DH gets home work and, at that time of day, parts of the garden are in evening shade, so some pictures are not as nice as I’d prefer. But you can get a taste of what is out there. Lots going on this time of year.

The spirea is starting to fade, but just a few days ago, it was in its full glory.


I used some of the spirea in a bouquet with rhododendron for church two weeks ago.

Sunday bouquet May 29, 2016

We have a nice patch of white lilies. There are red ones blooming, too, but I don’t have a picture of them. We also have some pink ones that will be out sometime during the next week.

white lilies

The hostas are looking good. This one is ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd.’

Hosta 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd"

This is a large hosta called ‘Komodo Dragon.’ The plant is still young. At maturity, it will be much larger. It came from Hallson Gardens, as many of our hostas do. I like ordering from them. They ship beautiful plants, wrapped with care and the customer service is outstanding. They sell a variety of plants, not just hostas.


This large hosta is ‘Journey’s End.’

Hosta 'Journey's End'

There is a bit of astilbe in one hosta bed. I’d love to have more of this.


We have a few Japanese iris. It would be nice to have more of those, too. They bloom later than the bearded iris and extend the iris season by quite a bit.

Japanese iris

Everything looks so lush and green and full this time of year. DH discovered that a black snake lives in this bed. There is also a ground hornets nest at the north end. The snake we will leave be, but the hornets have to go.

front birdbath bed

The front porch in the evening light.

front porch

Hydrangeas at the front steps.


Follow this path around the west end of the addition and you can visit the back yard.

west side of the addition

Lacecap hydrangea. Aren’t they a beautiful color?

lacecap hydrangea

This lacecap hydrangea is in the middle of the driveway circle. DH has a perpetual job in the garden…weeding.


The bush has blossoms that are almost a periwinkle blue.

lacecap hydrangea

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour. We are just beginning the daylily season. There will pictures of those soon.



  1. Dee Douglas
    Posted June 10, 2016 at 6:44 am | Permalink

    Tell Russell it looks like he’s having too much fun out there weeding……I have had a blast this past week…..I’ve been out in the yard everyday and I’m starting to see my hard work paying off……It’s so peaceful being outside…I am loving my gazebo tons….I have been eating my breakfast and lunch out there, me and Chock….Your plants are gorgeous…You have such a variety,much more than me…The daylilies I got from you are about to open up..Can’t wait to see them….Enjoy your day….God Bless.

  2. Posted June 10, 2016 at 8:31 am | Permalink

    I’ll tell him you said so, Dee. He’d think it was a lot more fun if he actually had the amount of time he needs to keep up with it. But he does enjoy being in the garden. Come by sometime and we’ll give you some more daylilies. And if it’s not too hot, we can enjoy some ice tea on the porch.

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