three little kittens…well, not so little any more…

For a change of pace, I thought I’d post about three of our kitties. We have a lot of cats. More than three. It’s a good thing we are cat people. Half our cats adopted us. And we can’t say no. How do they know??

This is Ski. He is my cat. He is two years old. He’s named after soda. He loves to do the laundry with me.


When I start the laundry, Ski shows up. He prefers a few towels for his comfort on the chair. Then he stays till laundry is done.

Ski, the laundry cat

Here are Clark and Winston. They turned one in May. Clark has an ‘S’ shape in his fur on his back. Which reminded me of Superman. So “Clark” seemed obvious. Winston is named after Winston Churchill, though I am not sure why. Clark is one of the fluffiest cats around. His fur is super soft. He and Winston are from the same litter. They do a lot of things together.

Clark and Winston

Not always quite this funny, though…

Clark and Winston

A lot of what they do together is nap.

Clark and Winston

Clark would like to be outside. No can do. The few times he has managed to get through the door, he has immediately dropped on the sidewalk and rolled. You can’t imagine how awful it is to get sticks and burrs and leaves and dirt out of his fur.

Clark enjoys the spring breeze

Clark is a very relaxed cat. He tolerates a lot of love.

An armful of Clark

Winston is quite laid back. He always has time to stop and enjoy the moment. Even when he’s not supposed to be on the craft desk.

Winston loves flowers

If you have pets, tell them Ski, Winston and Clark say hi.


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