finished two putz houses

A few posts ago, I showed you a few new colors I am working on with the Putz houses. Today I completed two of the five houses currently in process.

The first one is a pumpkin gold color with an olive green roof. Not my personal favorite colors, but my Mom would have loved them.

Putz house

Without the lights on…I wish pictures would truly show how glittery the houses are.

Putz house

The other house is the same pattern, but done with red and green paint.

Putz house

The different color schemes change the entire look of the house. And dictate the embellishments to some extent.

Putz house

The two houses are listed in my Etsy shop. ChristmasNotebook

I had company yesterday afternoon and the twins arrived for a few days, as well, so I didn’t get to the other three houses that are ready to embellish. I hope to finish those today.


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  1. Genny
    Posted June 16, 2016 at 6:23 am | Permalink

    You are doing great work !

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