Monthly Archives: June 2016

spicy creamy tomato pasta

We have discovered a new recipe which everyone in our family enjoys. It’s called Spicy Creamy Tomato Pasta. I found it on the Spicy Southern Kitchen web site. Her recipe has onion and garlic to cook, which I know would make it all the more wonderful, but we are going for an easy recipe for […]

menu plan monday ~ june 27, 2016

We had a nice weekend, in spite of the heat. On Saturday, DH and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary. Where did the time go? Seems like last week our family looked like this… Older Son was eight years old in that picture. Now his girls are eight years old. Just. like. that. Savor the […]

tutorial: add pips to your bottle brush trees

All those cute little bottle brush trees I have are just begging for a topper. Sometimes I add a bead, sometimes a star, sometimes a pip. What’s a pip, you say? A pip is a floral embellishment, used in artificial flowers as the stamens. You can buy pip covered wreaths and garlands, or bundles of […]

daylilies…they’re not just orange or yellow

I have lost track of the number of people who have walked through our garden and then said, “I thought daylilies only came in orange or yellow!” Here’s proof they come in many colors… Let’s start with a beautiful white one with a lovely green throat. ‘Gentle Shepherd’ ‘Jungle Beauty’ is one of my favorite […]

in the garden…new daylilies every day

This is a beautiful time of the year in our garden, notwithstanding the summer heat. The daylilies are blooming profusely. The breeze sends their sweet scent across the garden. This evening was a beautiful time to be outside. The heat had let up a bit, the evening was long, and the bugs were not bothersome. […]

menu plan monday ~ june 20, 2016

Happy birthday to my sister Genny! I just came back from a fun weekend with her and my other four sisters and sister-in-law. We have Sisters’ Weekend once a year and it’s always a lot of fun. We made necklaces, some using beads from necklaces our mom wore. On Sunday, our families joined us and […]

white putz church with a red roof

I have been working on three red and white Putz houses for a week or so. Today I finished the little country church. I love the way it came together. Lights on… Lights off… I am learning how to make bead sprays and used three of them to back the church. I plan to make […]

menu plan monday ~ june 13, 2016

Daylily season is on us. We love this time of year. Here are a few of the newly opened flowers from today. ‘In Springtime’ ‘Siloam June Bug’ ‘Indian Giver’ ‘Imperial Lemon’ ‘Wayne Johnson’ Many more to come. While we wait, here’s the menu for the week. Monday Turkey Sandwiches Dill Pickles Fresh Veggies Tuesday Chef […]

three peaks red putz house

This is the last house of the five I’ve worked on this week. This little three peaks house is done in red with a green roof. A simple fence surrounds the yard space. Two snowy bottle brush trees decorate the front of the house. You can see more pictures of this house and others in […]

red and white “ski slope” house

A friend asked for a red and white Putz house, so I came up with this one. I will be making more red and white ones soon. I call this design “the ski slope” house. I drew the simple pattern myself. An easy house to draw a pattern for and an easy house to construct. […]