autumn evening

A few pictures from our garden this evening…asters

The cedar trees are making berries. I wish they’d stay on the tree through Christmas, but they are usually gone by then. They’d be so pretty in Christmas garlands and wreaths.

Eastern Red Cedar

Of course, the goldenrod is in full bloom.


The dogwood leaves are beginning to turn. The trees are loaded with blossoms for next year. This spring there were not many blossoms at all…not sure why. But next year, there should be a bountiful crop.


The coneflowers keep putting out blossoms. And the goldfinches are eagerly eating all the coneflower seeds they can find.



This little brown moth didn’t mind at having his picture taken.

coneflower with moth

Most of the daisies are done blooming, but there are one or two pretty blossoms in each clump.


All over the yard there are single blossoms on flowers that were blooming prolifically not so long ago. As though they are putting out one last effort before winter arrives.


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