the storm before the lull

Yesterday, DH brought lots of boxes down from the attic. There are fifteen boxes just for the living room. This is the part of decorating for Christmas that looks like chaos to the untrained eye. 🙂

the storm before the lull

It’s all organized by box and by room. Each box decorates a particular part of the room. For the living room, two boxes hold the decorations for the top of the old square grand piano. One box has the mantel decorations in it, two have garlands for the arches, and there are four boxes of ornaments for the tree.

coming down from the attic

DH also brought down the living room tree. I put lights on the top part of the 9′ tree. DH will have to lift it onto the trunk, then I can begin on the middle branches. Last year, we decided this was the year to put all new lights on the tree, as several strings were very old and faded.

lving room tree going up

The lights on the top of the tree will stay on the tree when it goes back into storage after Christmas. The rest of the branches come off (with lights removed) and are stored in large black garbage bags. We have a room in the attic dedicated to the storage of the trees and branches. DH takes some of the trees to storage intact (with lights still on and decorations removed), but the 9′ trees are too wide and too heavy to take up the stairs and through the doorways.

I’ll put more lights on the tree this evening. It takes about six WOman hours to put all the lights on each of the two 9′ trees, one in the living room and one in the library.

Today I make chocolate creams, chocolate raspberry truffles, and baked Sugar Cookie Crisps. I also painted two coats on the laundry room door. One more coat and it can be installed.

two down, two to go


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