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99 down, 276 to go

Currently, we have 375 daylilies in our database. As of yesterday, 99 of the cultivars have bloomed. Only 276 to go! Keeping up with FFOs (first flower out) right now is keeping us busy. Here are a few pictures from the garden this morning. This picture from the front of the house does not show […]

along the same lines…

…as my last post…here are more daylilies blossoms. ‘Orphan’s Picnic’ is a gorgeous pink double. With a large blossom, ‘Jolly White Giant’ is a real standout! It’s easy to see how ‘Pittsburgh Golden Triangle’ got its name…at least the “golden triangle” part! 🙂 ‘Bridal Moment’ is a soft peachy pink. ‘Serena Dance’ is anything but […]

daylily season is in full swing

The past week, the daylilies have been opening one after another. Every day, DH and I tour the garden to see what has opened. We are in the early to mid season now. We have more than 365 different cultivars, so there will be a lot more to bloom as June and July roll by. […]

an in-between week in the garden

The irises are done, except for the last few stragglers. And the daylilies are not in full swing yet, though the first few have been showing themselves now and then. It’s that in between time in the garden, the lull between spring and summer. The coreopsis is providing the main color in the garden for […]

garden pics

I took these shots to share on Tuesday, but life got hectic for a few days, so am sharing them now. The columbine has come on thick and fast this week. It’s a nice long bloomer and adds color to the beds this time of year. My favorite columbine is the blue one… I thought […]

clouds of pink

The redbud blossoms opened Monday. The yard is full of billowing pink clouds of blossoms! The redbud by the kitchen is the only one that was in the yard when we moved in. This year we have more than 20 blooming. The daffodils are beginning to wane, but still look lovely. The Poet’s are a […]

friday flowers

The high winds we’ve had the past few days have knocked a lot of petals off the star magnolia, leaving a white blanket on the ground. I took this picture of the apricot trees a few days ago. The winds have shattered the blossoms, but I can still smell their fragrance from the house. Magnolia […]

tuesday blooms

The weather was beautiful yesterday and I was able to get out for some picture taking opportunities. Tete-a-Tete daffodils are sprinkled all over the yard. These are near the back door. In the east yard, the Star Magnolia is beginning to bloom. Looks like a snowstorm doesn’t it? Close-up, the blossoms are ivory colored. When […]

one spring day

Wednesday was a fine spring day. Temperature in the low to mid 70s, sunny, breezy. Twenty degrees above normal for this time of year, but who’s counting?? It was a beautiful day. On days like that, I look at the sky and wonder…how can it possibly be that blue? We spent some time outside, of […]

slowly but surely

I’m waiting for spring. How about you? It’s coming, but not soon enough for me. The maple trees have been budding for several weeks. Today we had a high of 55* or so. I left the house for the first time in two weeks and took a few pictures around the yard. It looks rather […]