two cookie recipes and a truffle in the freezer

The past few days, I made several recipes for the freezer in prep for our annual Christmas Open House.

Daniel’s Cookie Bar Bites are a favorite. A few days before the party, I will thaw the cut cookie bars and dip them in chocolate, then decorate them with a variety of sprinkles.

Cookie bar bites

Until then, the edges are cut away (free for all with the edges) and the cookie bars are cut into one inch squares.

Daniel's Cookie Bar Bites

Then they’re packed between waxed paper sheets in plastic containers and stored in the freezer.


Nutmeg Logs aren’t for everyone, but those who enjoy the nutmeg flavor love these cookies. They are a favorite of several of our guests. Easy to make. I roll them thin for a crisp cookie, then cute them with a pastry wheel for a fancy edge. Rolling them thicker will result in a softer cookie. Also good!


Then a little time to cool…


Then a powdered sugar glaze and a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg.


Chocolate Cream Truffles…how can you go wrong with chocolate? These contain a pound of semi-sweet chocolate, a pound of unsweetened chocolate and a cup of heavy whipping cream. The recipe makes about 100 truffles, but the number will vary depending on how large your scoop is (and how many of the centers you eat before they go into the freezer).

Chocolate Cream Truffles

I use a small cookie scoop to make the balls. I think the scoop is 1.25 inches across. I try to keep each scoop on the skimpy side. A one inch scoop would be better. The coating will make them bigger and I like to keep the Open House treats small, if possible, so guests can sample a variety.

Chocolate Cream Truffles

After they’re scooped, I don food gloves and roll them into smooth balls. After the truffle centers have hardened a bit, I pack them between waxed paper sheets in a plastic container and store them in the freezer.

Chocolate Cream Truffles

A few days before the party, I’ll thaw them and they will be dipped in white candy coating and sprinkled with chocolate jimmies. They could be dipped in chocolate, but I like the contrast of the dark, dark chocolate against the white when they are opened.

chocolate creams

We have a lot more recipes to go and a couple of new ones I want to try, as well. I’ll keep you posted!


Click this link for Daniel’s Cookie Bar Bites.

This one takes you to Nutmeg Logs.

Click this one for Chocolate Creams.


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