Monthly Archives: April 2012

menu plan monday ~ april 30, 2012

My brother-in-law came on Friday to spend Saturday riding with DH. They did 75 miles with an average speed of 18.2 mph. There’s DH in the orange jersey. On Saturday, my Dad and my sister came for the afternoon and stayed for supper. Great-Pa was happy to be able to spend some time with the […]

girls in the garden

Last evening, our son and his family came by for plants. Before digging, DH played with the twins for a bit. He pulled out the old Big Wheel that used to be at his parents’ house for their grandchildren to play with. Our son actually played on it when he was a kidlet. The girls […]

sour cream coffee cake

We like this easy to make coffee cake. Sour Cream Coffee Cake Preheat oven to 350 degrees. ¬†Grease a bundt pan. Mix thoroughly: 1 package cake mix (I used a yellow cake mix.) 1 package instant vanilla pudding 1/2 c. vegetable oil 4 large eggs 1 c. sour cream 2 tsp. vanilla In a separate […]

back in the garden again

I’ve had to stay in the recliner with my legs up for a few days. At least the weather was cool and wet, so I didn’t feel too bad about missing the garden. Tuesday was warm and sunny. I managed to get out for a while and took some pictures. The redbud trees are loaded […]

menu plan monday ~ april 23, 2012

We have several people in the house not feeling well. And a birthday to celebrate Monday evening. Lots of yard work to do this week. Who knows what else will come up. At least the menu is ready! Monday Carry Out for a birthday dinner request Cherry Cheesecake birthday cake by request Tuesday Chicken and […]

garden corners

Here are some pictures from the garden this past week. I haven’t been out the past few days as it has been chilly and wet. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get out tomorrow or Tuesday. We shall see. If it turns sunny and warm, this would be a nice spot to enjoy the garden. That’s […]

little adventures

The girls are always a bundle of fun. They were here a couple of days ago and we had all kinds of adventures. Even though Rose Red says, “I don’t like adventures.” They helped Pa drive the tractor… And let Ma give them rides… Played on the “park” as the girls call it… Snow White […]

menu plan monday ~ april 16, 2012

Monday Tacoritos Home-Baked Tortilla Chips Tuesday Fridge Food Wednesday Spinach and Bacon Quiche ~ with ham instead of bacon Garden Salad Thursday Homemade Pizza Friday Grilled Chicken Wings Grilled Pork Steaks Oven Fried Potato Wedges Cole Slaw with Walnuts and Craisins Corn on the Cob Saturday Fridge Food Sunday Baked Chicken Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes […]

bread baking time

The grands spent the afternoon with us. They love to help in the kitchen. Today we made bread. And they helped clean out the mixing bowl, too. ~~Rhonda

spring blossoms

The wren is singing loudly outside the kitchen window and the trees look like they are “clapping their hands” in the breeze (Isaiah 55:12). A beautiful Sabbath morning. The garden gives a glimpse of God’s creation as it moves through the spring bloomers. Color and beauty. Amazing plants and flowers. Inspiration at every turn. Peonies […]