Monthly Archives: May 2012

end of may…and the garden is changing again

The garden continues to surprise us with the earlier than usual bloom times. The daylilies are beginning to bloom, with more open each day. They are running two to three weeks earlier than the earliest dates we’ve recorded in the past. Here are a few pretty ones. ‘Jason Salter’ ‘Tiger Track’ ‘New Journey’ ‘Sorrento Song’ […]

menu plan monday ~ may 28, 2012

There are so many things going on in the garden right now. We make the rounds every day to see how many daylilies have opened their first flowers of the season. They are blooming about three weeks earlier than they every have before. We’re planning a plant sale for Saturday, so we’re taking a mental […]

moving a large hosta

Do you remember how beautiful the hosta ‘Sagae’ looked this spring? Well, the redbud tree it was under was dying and had to be cut down a week ago. Our many grateful thanks to our friend Paul and the crew members he sent over to help us out with that tree and several other projects! […]

spring garden

The weather yesterday and today has been beautiful. Mild temperatures and a nice breeze. A couple of near perfect days. The hydrangeas continue to look beautiful. This smaller plant is a few years old. It grew from one of our older plants and we moved it around the corner. This year, it has quite a […]

menu plan monday ~ may 21, 2012

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny, breezy, about 73. After he got home from work, DH and I spent more than two hours in the yard. He pulled weeds, I drove the mower pulling the wagon. Such a beautiful evening to be outside. We had a busy several days last week getting ready to host […]

hosta beds

Though the daylilies are beginning to bloom, the garden is a little sparse on color right now. The earliest daylilies, like ‘Black Eyed Susan,’ ‘Stella d’Oro,’ and ‘Bitsy,’ are blooming well. Others are just beginning to open, like ‘Priceless Pearl.’ While we wait on the daylilies, there are a lot of other things to see. […]

my mother’s day

We had a very nice day on Sunday, Mother’s Day. God blessed us with beautiful weather. The day started with pancakes with the grands. Snow White knows the recipe by heart now. If Pa isn’t ready, she pulls out the flour, the baking powder, salt, etc., so they can begin mixing as soon as he’s […]

menu plan monday ~ may 14, 2012

I hope you enjoyed a Happy Mother’s Day. We had a good day with all our kids home except our younger son and his wife. But I was able to talk to him on the phone. Always good to hear his voice. DH brought his mother over from the nursing home and she enjoyed the […]

hostas in the garden…and other lovely things

As I may have mentioned before, the hostas seem to be especially beautiful this year. ‘Blue Angel’ is just getting started in our garden. We’ve had it for several years, but this one will be quite large when it reaches maturity. It can take 7-10 years to reach maturity, so plant it where you can […]

menu plan monday ~ may 7, 2012

I had this post ready to go last Sunday evening, then we had four long days of intermittent and unreliable internet access. I couldn’t get on my blog, flickr or Netflix, just to mention a few. What a long four days!! It seems to be working this evening, so I’m posting this, even though it’s […]