Monthly Archives: June 2011

a few more garden pics

We have several different kinds of tall grasses in the garden. This one, called ‘Morning Light’ is beautiful in a breeze. A bit hard to see the variegation of the grass in this picture, but the tall grass in the background is zebra grass. This is a favorite when we have plant sales. The tall […]

walking through the garden

We took a walk / ride through the garden this morning. It looks beautiful. Orange is my least favorite color, but there are some totally beautiful orange daylilies. Like ‘South Seas.’ The girls walked through a lot of the east front yard, but decided they had gone far enough on their own steam. So they […]

gorgeous in the garden

Last Thursday, we had a beautiful day. Started around 70 degrees and didn’t rise above 82. I went out in the morning to get some garden pictures. Had a great time, enjoying the weather and the garden. Hosta ‘Squash Casserole’ under the Japanese maple. This hosta, ‘Ventricosa,’ came from my paternal grandmother’s garden. Family members, […]

menu plan monday ~ june 27, 2011

We’re having a great time with our older son’s family who are here visiting for the week. The twins played in the mud puddles Sunday afternoon. DH reintroduced the girls to his mom, their great-grandma. And we’re getting and giving plenty of lovin’. Lots of fridge food (leftovers), so most of the time everyone does […]

dishwashers and pizza makers

Our older son, his wife, and their family arrived at midnight Friday for a week’s visit. We are so happy to have them home! The parents and Sissy went to bed and the twins stayed up with Pa and Ma. They were too excited to go straight to bed! So they washed dishes for grandma. […]

garden tour

This morning, we enjoyed sharing the garden with a group of Master Gardeners. It’s always a joy to have other gardeners visit. They appreciate the garden, the plants, and the effort. Many thanks go out to my sister Margaret and her husband John, who came Monday evening and worked through Tuesday and early Wednesday to […]

menu plan monday ~ june 20, 2011

Today is my sister Genny’s birthday. Happy birthday, Genny! Genny is a giver and she gives to me all the time. She comes down to help with any kind of project I want to do. She works full time and saves vacation days so she can come in November and help me decorate for Christmas. […]

happy father’s day!

DH is not only a wonderful husband, but a great father, as well. Our children know they can *always* depend on him, no matter what. And he’s a great “Pa,” too. This time of year, if he has any free time (not so much lately!), you’ll find DH on his bike or in the garden. […]

ready for a few more?

There are more daylilies than I can feel OK about posting. Don’t want to bore you! But aren’t these beautiful? ‘Chicago Flapper’ ‘Gentle Shepherd’ ‘Refiner’s Fire’ ‘Daring Deception’ ‘Neal Berrey’ ‘Spider Man’ ‘Wild Mustang’ ‘Atlanta Full House’ ‘Amy Michelle’ Enough, already? Or enough of a tease to make you want more? 🙂 If you’re local, […]

a few pretty blossoms

I have taken a lot of daylily pictures the past few days and would like to share a few with you. DH and I check out the FFOs (First Flower Out) every day. Sometimes the FFO is not the best looking blossom, so I don’t post every one on its debut, but we’ll be getting […]