walking through the garden

We took a walk / ride through the garden this morning. It looks beautiful.

summer garden

Orange is my least favorite color, but there are some totally beautiful orange daylilies. Like ‘South Seas.’

'South Seas'

The girls walked through a lot of the east front yard, but decided they had gone far enough on their own steam. So they headed to the garage with Pa and picked up the wagon.

when walking is too far, Pa will pull you in the wagon

We saw a tiny Summer Azure butterfly. It’s wingspan is only 3/4 of an inch.

Summer Azure butterfly

We saw lots of daylilies on our garden walk. Like ‘Fooled Me.’

Daylily 'Fooled Me'

And this polymerous ‘Hyperion.’ A polymerous daylily has more than the usual three sepals and three petals. This one had five each.

polymerous 'Hyperion'

A beautiful day for looking at beautiful flowers.

front yard garden

touring the garden with Pa

The hosta ‘Sunny Disposition’ is lovely with its bright yellow leaves and its pretty lavender flowers. It holds up to a lot of sun.

Hosta 'Sunny Disposition'

For little girls, though, a short rest out of the sun is always a good idea.

precious cargo

“Look, Pa! A mommy bee!”

purple coneflowers

We passed the fenced garden on the way to the back yard.

fenced garden

In the back yard, the girls climbed the mulberry tree.

twins in a tree

climbing the mulberry

climbing the mulberry tree

And picked raspberries. We have just enough bushes to snack from.

pickin' raspberries


eating raspberries

Time to swing with a little help from Pa.


The tiger lilies have opened.

tiger lilies

Many of the hostas are blooming right now.

Hosta 'Squash Casserole'

After enjoying the garden, it’s time to go in. We pass a pot of coleus at the back door. If anyone local has other kinds than these, I’d love to have a start. Am willing to trade!


We’ll be in the garden again later. Right now, DH is watching a Tour de France preview show, the twins are playing with the laundry basket full of toy horses, and I’m keeping my leg up for a while. Everyone else went to Six Flags for the day, so it’s pretty quiet here. 🙂


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