dishwashers and pizza makers

Our older son, his wife, and their family arrived at midnight Friday for a week’s visit. We are so happy to have them home! The parents and Sissy went to bed and the twins stayed up with Pa and Ma. They were too excited to go straight to bed! So they washed dishes for grandma.

it's fun to wash dishes at grandma's house!

After washing dishes, their jams were so wet we had to change them again before putting them to bed.

Grandma's dishwashers

Poor tired Pa. While the girls washed all the plastic we could find, grandpa took a catnap.

What Pa does while the twins wash dishes at 1:15 am.

Come to find out…this morning our son came downstairs to find the twins washing dishes again. But unassisted this time. Pa was on a 34 mile bike ride (celebrating our anniversary of 34 years of marriage) and Ma was still asleep! The girls got up by themselves, came down and resumed their job. 😀

Today, the twins helped me make pizza for lunch. First, you pat out the dough…

patting the dough...

…then spread the sauce.

spreading the sauce...

Pepperoni goes on this end…

this end gets pepperoni...

…and spinach over all.

making pizza with Ma

Some mushrooms down the middle and some feta on the end of one pizza, sprinkle on the cheese, bake it, then eat it!

it's DEE-licious!

I made the pizza...I ate the pizza.

After lunch, our younger son and his wife and their friend and her daughter came to visit. The girls shopped the yard for daylilies and hostas. The kidlets played on the playground. Lots of fun, even though it rained a bit.

"shopping the yard" for daylilies

fun on the playground

Off the bed. Tomorrow is a new day of fun with the family.
~~Grandma, otherwise known as “Ma”

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  1. Mary
    Posted June 27, 2011 at 11:15 am | Permalink

    What a joy! Can’t believe how big the twins are getting!!!!

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