weekend company

Scott and Chris will be going back to work overseas next week, and we won’t see them for a while, so it was really wonderful to be able to spend some time with them this past weekend. I meant to get a nice family portrait of our friends while they were here, but we were too busy doing other things. 🙂

We grilled pork steaks and hot dogs in the back yard. The meal that Chris described as “summer food” included corn on the cob, tomatoes and sweet and sour cucumbers, fruit salad (strawberries, peaches, and blueberries), and my favorite spinach salad. After supper, we made S’mores. Their three young boys enjoyed that, though the youngest skipped the graham crackers and the marshmallows and went straight for the chocolate. Smart boy! 😉

makin' s'mores

When all was cleared and put away, we played Apples to Apples, which is one of our favorite family games. Even though two of their children weren’t reading yet, they still had a fun time playing. DH helped a bit when it came time to decide which card should be played.

watcha think?

It was fun to play something we could enjoy together.

apples to apples

I should have taken pictures of the train track they built and the marble game they constructed, as well! They had a full evening!

I try to keep the guest room cat free for the sake of our guests, but after company was gone, Happy found her way in and decided to check out the youth bed we had set up for the youngest little boy.


We always enjoy having company. Wonder who will drop in next time…?


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