a few garden pics

Yesterday, DH and I worked in the garden a bit. We pulled grass and weeds from the lettuce beds and prepared them for a fall crop. I took a few pictures around the yard.

The garlic chives are beginning to bloom. The flower stalks are pretty in a large group, making a striking picture. I wish I could capture what it looks like in the garden. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

garlic chives

Just beginning to open, these buds look like they’re sharing a first kiss.

gimme a kiss

The berries on the red stemmed dogwood shrub are beginning to ripen. A pretty shade of purple.

red stemmed dogwood berries

I’ve been using the flowers stalks from the hosta ‘Royal Standard’ in bouquets for church.

hosta 'Royal Standard'

The redbud trees are beginning to get a few yellow leaves. A first step toward winter.

under the redbud tree

Blue this summer, now the hydrangeas are a soft pink.


I didn’t get a great picture of this little guy, but the hummingbird clearwing moth was fun to watch as he flew from flower to flower.

hummingbird moth

Here you can see the wings.

hummingbird moth

There’s always something new to see in the garden. I’m sorry fall is coming on already. It has its own beauty, but I love spring and summer the best. Especially spring. 🙂


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