potting proliferations

Little plants, called proliferations, sometimes grow from the daylily flower stem. When the stem starts to turn brown, we cut them off and pot them.

cutting proliferations

Here’s a closeup of one.

daylily proliferation

A week ago last Wednesday, DH potted 27 daylily proliferations. ‘Little Fat Dazzler’ had 17. It was loaded with them last year, too. The other plants had 1-4 each.

27 baby plants

While working around the yard, I took a few pictures. Naturally… 🙂

We haven’t had many rabbits in the garden this year. The outdoor cats take care of population control. This one lives under the hedge on the west side of the front yard. I see another one in the east yard every time I mow.

garden visitor

The cats haven’t managed to catch the fish, but they do like getting a drink from the pump barrel.

a cool drink...fish flavored, yum

Malva sylvestris ‘Zebrina’
This is a great little plant if you don’t mind pulling out some of the seedlings every spring. It reseeds like crazy. Which can be an asset or a liability, depending on your perspective.

Malva sylvestris ‘Zebrina’

It’s nice to see some fresh flowers here and there, though the yard is definitely thinking “autumn.”


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