New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 5

Davey chose Scripture and developed questions for us to read and answer each day during our morning devotions. We go over them by ourselves in our quiet time. Later, in the evening, we will meet together to go over the same Scripture and the same questions, sharing insights and prayer time.

The bunk, the couch, the front porch…all good places for reading and studying God’s Word.


morning devotions

the front porch - a quiet spot

When’s the last time you cooked 24 eggs for breakfast? Liz can say, “This morning!” We love her baked eggs!

when's the last time you cooked 24 eggs for breakfast?

Prepraring sandwiches for lunch.

making lunch sandwiches

The gang waits for breakfast. Two deacons, a seminary graduate, and a doctor…who would’a guessed??

whatta crewe

At the job site, preparing drywall seems an unending task.

more drywall

But what a difference it’s making in Gloria’s home! Today she said, “It’s beginning to look like a house and not a shed!” 🙂

it's beginning to look like a room

They’re smiling…I can tell…


As the work progresses, there is always someone in the prayer chair. This was Caleb’s turn.

the prayer chair

Inside, the work continues.

measure twice, cut once

We are very grateful for the lift!

thankful for the lift!

Gloria holds down two jobs, but she makes time to come by each day and check the progress of her team. Please pray for Gloria, her family, and her home. We are so happy to serve Gloria with our efforts. We want her to know we appreciate the opportunity to show her Christ’s love in this way. Thank you, Gloria!

Gloria and her team

Talk about an answer to prayer! We didn’t know what we would do with all the construction debris. As the trash pick-up truck went by, someone flagged it down and they agreed, after a little coaxing, to haul it away for us! Thank you, thank you! These three men were an answer to prayer, and they were the highlight of our day! The team gave them thank you gifts of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and snacks.


Adam is planning, God willing, to go to Nairobi this summer as an MTW intern, to work in the slums of the city. Pray for Adam as he seeks financial support and please pray for his safety, for his work, and for his spiritual growth as he seeks God’s will for his life.

headed for Kenya

The team received another special visitor today. We were happy to see Doug Mallow, Sr. Project Administrator of MTW’s Global Support Ministries, who visited the site this afternoon. By good planning, he arrived just in time for lunch. He later joined us at the mission team house for supper and fellowship. His visit was a great encouragement for our team and for our team leaders.

Our leaders

Future leaders.'s a way of life

I’m sure everyone else is fast asleep by now…time for me to be the same. ‘Night! ~~Rhonda

Wednesday Devotions – Nehemiah 1:1-11, 6:15-16

This passage is a challenge for us to consider the importance of prayer and the power of God to answer prayer, even in the midst of oppostion. Consider areas of your life where you may feel opposition, or are enduring some kind of trial. Have you committed that to God in prayer?

Take some time right now to come before the Lord in prayer. Bring Him all of your burdens. God completed the enitre wall of Jerusalem in 52 days, despite opposition.

God wants to show us His awesome power and blessing. Take some time right now to pray for our work, for those we are serving for those with whom we serve, and for God to be glorified.

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