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New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 7

The morning has to start with coffee. We usually made three pots to get everyone perkin’. Waiting for breakfast… Each team member had assignments…sometimes it was cleaning the bathroom, sometimes it was washing out the coolers, sometimes it was getting water and lemonade ready to take to the site for the day. Eggs, biscuits and […]

New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 6

Today began in the dark…even in the kitchen. The florescent ceiling light has two rings and the larger one went out, leaving Liz to make her breakfast casserole by flashlight. Then the flashlight batteries gave out and replacements had to be found. Gary then brought a work light in from the trailer and we were […]

New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 5

Davey chose Scripture and developed questions for us to read and answer each day during our morning devotions. We go over them by ourselves in our quiet time. Later, in the evening, we will meet together to go over the same Scripture and the same questions, sharing insights and prayer time. The bunk, the couch, […]

New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 4

The day starts early for the mission team. By 6:15, the team members are up, doing devotions, making their beds (just kidding, Moms!), and Liz and Rhonda are in the kitchen preparing a hearty breakfast. By 8:00 a.m., the van and truck are being loaded with provisions and team members. Most of the young adults […]

New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 3

Lights on at 6:00 a.m., devotions, breakfast, good hygiene…all part of early morning on the mission trip. On the way to the site, and the team is eager to get started. Across the street, one house has been repaired, the one next to it is not. You see this same scenario street after street. The […]

New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 1 and 2

We left Bethel at 5:00 AM, Saturday morning. Proof we made it into Louisiana! Thirteen hours after we left home, we were in New Orleans at the home the church has set aside for housing mission teams. Sunday morning we attended the worship service at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Redeemer coordinates missions teams who come to […]