New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 4

The day starts early for the mission team. By 6:15, the team members are up, doing devotions, making their beds (just kidding, Moms!), and Liz and Rhonda are in the kitchen preparing a hearty breakfast.

By 8:00 a.m., the van and truck are being loaded with provisions and team members.

ready to hit the road

packing provisions

Most of the young adults on this trip have been on several, if not more, mission trips. They’ve learned a lot about construction, about serving others, and about serving their Lord.

an expert

removing nails

another expert

cuttin' another one

Lunch time gives an opportunity for refreshment and a much needed rest.

ah, lunch!

Noah wears the latest in footwear fashion.

the latest fashion in footwear

There is a method to his madness…he needs the added height to reach the coved ceiling in the bedroom.

needed heighth

I see that hand. Mudding is fun, right?

wanna shake hands?

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, as I sat on the porch this afternoon, enjoying a brief rest and the beautiful weather, I saw a red van drive by. I thought, “Wow, that woman looked just like Marilyn!” A few minutes later she walked up the front steps. It WAS Marilyn! She and Roger drove down to visit, to tour the area for a couple of days, and to encourage the team.

surprise visitors!

We have some special partners on our mission team.

Husband and wife

working together

Father and son

father and son

Grandfather and grandson

grandfather and grandson...

Not quite as peppy on the way home, but just as happy.

homeward bound

Brooke volunteered to perform the surgery, but, after dinner, Russell lanced an infection on Christopher’s finger. In spite of the way it looks in this picture, Christopher did fine. Marilyn gave loving support, Laurie assisted the good doctor, the girls took pictures, and Brooke said, “Aw, come on, let me do it!” Russell summed it up…”a chance to cut is a chance to heal.” Right, Christopher? (Mom, Christopher is fine and we’ll keep an eye on his finger.)

After the delicate surgery, Russell demonstrated his artistic abilities by forming snowmen with the foaming hand sanitizer. Can’t you tell the onlookers are impressed?


Following dessert (brownies and ice cream), Dave led devotions.


And then, for those young enough to have any energy left, Uno until lights out.

fun and games

We appreciate your prayers for the work of our mission team. Check in tomorrow evening for another update. ~~Rhonda

Tuesday’s Devotion – 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

What do you think it means to become all things to all men? What could that look like for you? Try to think of one person in your life back home who you could serve, like Paul is challenging us here. Who is it and how do you think you could serve them?

What does Paul mean when he says he “might win some of them.”

What would you say is the main theme of this passage?

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