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10 points!

DD just finished basketball and is now happily playing volleyball. Last night she served for ten points in one game. She’s our most athletically inclined child. Three of our four older children participated in soccer and volleyball, but DD can’t get enough. She would like to be on every team available. 🙂 ~~Rhonda


On New Year’s Eve DD and I stayed up till midnight, watching movies and having snacks. 🙂 At midnight DH joined us to pull crackers. DD tried all the toys… A few days later, Niko joined her as she practiced guitar. Niko picks his own cuddle time. Sometimes he’s in the mood, sometimes he’s not. […]

playing with light

This morning I was taking pictures of a framed mirror for Macro Mondays, a group I am a member of on flickr. DD brought in the hand mirror from the bathroom and discovered how much fun it was to play with mirrors and the sunshine coming through the east window. By shining the light through […]


A few weeks ago, DD spent about an hour playing with bubbles. She started out just blowing bubbles, having fun, watching them float away on the breeze. A few bubbles were caught by a web which held her attention for a while. The railing was wet with rain, so she experimented with sliding bubbles down […]

chicken and noodles

DD was excited to try her hand at making the noodles for supper for last night. After simmering the chicken (in enough water to cover, with some dry onion, garlic, celery seed, about 1 tsp basil, 2 tsp chicken bouillon, and salt and pepper), I diced it and returned it to the broth, which I […]


Originally uploaded by This Way to Infinity I have three sweet girls. This is one of them. Photo taken by her sister, another one of them. 🙂

doin’ donuts

We were on the north edge of a winter storm Monday. Ended up with one inch of solid sleet. Today (Wednesday) it’s still a solid sheet of ice. Tomorrow’s temps are supposed to be in the low to mid 50s, causing a lot of melting. With the second “snow day” off school and DH’s day […]

birthday girl

Not sure how she got to be ten whole years old, but facts are facts. The day started with special pancakes. DH takes requests. 🙂 DD had a full day. After school DH took her to Dairy Queen for a treat while I finished decorating the cake. I met them at school, took DD to […]