A few weeks ago, DD spent about an hour playing with bubbles. She started out just blowing bubbles, having fun, watching them float away on the breeze.


A few bubbles were caught by a web which held her attention for a while.


The railing was wet with rain, so she experimented with sliding bubbles down the railing.

bubble train

I experimented with catching reflections and color on the bubbles.


She found out she could blow a bubble inside another bubble.

bubble in a bubble

one inside the other

Later, she discovered she didn’t need a bubble wand to blow bubbles.

who needs a bubble blower?

makin' bubbles

It was fun to watch her move from one discovery to the next. Lots to think about.



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  1. Posted August 12, 2008 at 6:25 pm | Permalink

    those are wonderful pics :o) you should enter them in a contest…

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