Monthly Archives: November 2009

naptime for buttercup

You can find Buttercup under the bubble light tree every afternoon, where she enjoys a long nap before DD gets home from school. She doesn’t bother the ornaments…just makes a little nest and snuggles in. And if DD is late, Buttercup prowls the front hall, crying until she gets home. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

Christmas prep

Last weekend we got a lot of decorating done. My daughter-in-law and my sister came to help. The dining room was finished, with the exception of one window sill. I need to paint a flowerpot white to complete that project. DH and our daughter-in-law put up the snow tree. “Snowing” it is the final (and […]

Christmas card putz houses

Putz houses, also called “glitter houses,” are little houses that make up a Christmas village. Popular from the 1920s on, they can be made from cardboard, card stock, and even old Christmas cards. I drew the pattern for this house based on the pattern for the Stone Cottage on the Little Glitter House site, which […]

pizza braid

Yesterday, for supper, I made this pizza braid. So good! Everyone loved it. We’ll be making it again. I must say, I altered the recipe a bit. The dough recipe was as follows: 1 pkg. (1 scant T.) yeast 1 c. very warm water 1/4 c. sugar [I used 2 T. sugar…I didn’t want the […]

menu plan monday ~ november 9, 2009

I’m planning to finish the Putz house display this week. Almost done! Hopefully, the menu won’t suffer from the amount of Christmas prep that needs to be done. Monday Pizza Braid Tuesday spaghetti / homemade sauce homemade rolls green salad Wednesday Sour Cream and Dill Chicken egg noodles corn grilled asparagus spinach salad Thursday Cheesy […]

tomato soup

This soup was scheduled for the menu this week, but we used it last Friday instead. It turned out well, so I’m posting the recipe. The bread for the sandwiches came out of the oven and was immediately sliced and toasted. Oh, so good! Tomato Soup You can use fresh celery and onion in this […]

it’s snowing in the kitchen

The snowflakes are up in the kitchen. Fifteen or so hang from the 12′ ceiling on mirrored strings and my snowflake ornament collection hangs on the window garlands. Hanging the ceiling snowflakes. Snowflake ornament collection. Looks so festive! ~~Rhonda 🙂

menu plan monday ~ november 2, 2009

I am sure most of you are enjoying these crisp, sunny, autumn days. I certainly am. It’s time to get the last of the garden chores done before winter sets in. At the back door, the houseplants need to come inside. The papyrus plants are beginning to go dormant, though these plants haven’t had a […]

glorious sunshine

After almost two weeks of rain and clouds, the sun has finally made an appearance. Leaves blanket everything. The big oak behind the house is beautiful. This ginkgo tree was a Mother’s Day gift 10 or 12 years ago. In the woods, the elm leaves are bright yellow with spots of chocolate brown. The red […]