“be careful driving home in the rain”…

…said my 11 year old when I dropped her off at a friend’s house this morning. 🙂 Practicing her mommy skills, I guess.

Dogwood branches in the rain…if it weren’t so chilly out, I’d use my tripod to get a prettier picture. Took this one as I stood under the carport, before dashing into the house. I always take a camera when I go somewhere, even if it’s just dropping DD at a friend’s house for a play day. 🙂

dogwood blossoms in the rain

The rain pours off the corner of the carport. The poor little hosta needs to sit a bit higher.

rainy day

It’s a good day to stay inside and bake. I think I’m going to try a cracker recipe or two. Years ago, when we had less than no money, I made crackers from scratch. So tasty! Maybe some rosemary flatbread and something with garlic and freshly grated Parmesan cheese…I’ll let you know.


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