Monthly Archives: September 2016

make a joyful noise! Christmas card shadow box

I am making new stock for my Etsy store. Today I finished a shadow box that I particularly like. I call it “Make a Joyful Noise!” It is listed in my shop -ChristmasNotebook. The paper I wanted to use for the back of the box wasn’t quite the right color, so I used some thinned […]

menu plan monday ~ september 26, 2016

I’ve had another busy week. Older Daughter and Middle Daughter helped me can 21 jars of spiced apple slices, plus two quarts we put in the fridge for immediate enjoyment. I am working on beefing up the inventory for my Etsy shop before the Christmas season arrives. I’ve posted some new Christmas card shadow boxes […]

shadow boxes from Christmas cards

I’ve been working on Christmas card shadow boxes the past few days. They are made from Christmas cards. They are about 4″ x 6″ x 1″. The winter sleigh ride scenes are always a favorite of mine. Up close… The back is scrapbook card stock. I really like the way this one turned out. These […]

menu plan monday ~ september 19, 2016

This past weekend, our church continued a long held tradition of making apple butter. Apple Butter Day means fall is right around the corner. It is great to see the younger members of our church family stepping in for their first turn at stirring the kettle. Rose Red was happy to have so many other […]

picket fence tutorial, using corrugated cardboard

I have been trying several ways to make picket fences for Putz houses. I came up with some options, using corrugated cardboard. The cardboard I used is a thin cardboard with about seven ridges per inch. It came from a box for a dustbuster. The “picket” fence I describe in this post was inspired by […]

vintage inspired putz house, part 2

The little green house with the brown roof is coming right along. Here is where we left it. I’m planning to add a wreath over the door and a picket fence around the house. It’s hard to wait until the paint is totally dry when I’m putting up a new fence. And I was eager […]

vintage inspired putz house

I used the Putz house on the front page of as my inspiration for a new Putz pattern. The one I made isn’t as elaborate as the one pictured. I may go back and add the porch and the first story roof to the pattern at some point. It certainly adds a lot of […]

glittery gold and brown putz house

This cute little Putz house came together pretty fast. I found a very pretty Christmas card in tones of gold, yellow and brown. I decided to make a Putz house to match. The pattern is one I made from a picture of a vintage Putz house several years ago. I like the rounded roof line. […]

little gray putz church

I worked on the little gray church on Friday. I chose some fencing from my stockpile. Then cut it to fit the base. Paint and glitter… And assembly… The church is glued down and snow has been put around the bottom of it. Not much room for embellishments. I think I will add two small […]

my happy place

This is it. My happy place. Just looking at the picture makes me happy. I haven’t felt very well the past few days, so I settled into the craft room and watched a lot of TV. And worked on a little gray Putz church. For me, that’s relaxing. The first order of business? Cut out […]