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more Christmas card shadow boxes

This past week, I listed some new Christmas card shadow boxes to my Etsy shop. Santa and the Snowman I use Christmas cards for the picture in the background, make a box from the card, and use the space to add embellishments, including artificial foliage, bottle brush trees, figurines, etc. Frosty Most of the […]

Christmas card shadow boxes

I had a customer request for more Christmas card shadow boxes and spent some time this week working on new ones to list in my Etsy shop. They are always fun to make! Here are the ones I’ve finished in the past few days. Santa delivers the goods… The decorations include a bottle brush tree […]

make a joyful noise! Christmas card shadow box

I am making new stock for my Etsy store. Today I finished a shadow box that I particularly like. I call it “Make a Joyful Noise!” It is listed in my shop -ChristmasNotebook. The paper I wanted to use for the back of the box wasn’t quite the right color, so I used some thinned […]

shadow boxes from Christmas cards

I’ve been working on Christmas card shadow boxes the past few days. They are made from Christmas cards. They are about 4″ x 6″ x 1″. The winter sleigh ride scenes are always a favorite of mine. Up close… The back is scrapbook card stock. I really like the way this one turned out. These […]

ten Christmas shadow boxes

Middle Daughter went through the craft room upstairs and found ten Christmas card shadow boxes that I made last year. I was able to get them listed in my Etsy shop today. ChristmasNotebook This one features a polar bear. So cute! I love how different all the Christmas cards are. It’s fun to go through […]

a little putz frustration

Dear Readers, This has been a frustrating day. A month of so ago, I started three little, very simple, Putz houses. I’ve worked on them on and off since then. Put the houses together. Painted and glittered them. Made bases. Made fences. I put them together. Then they sat until this past weekend, when I […]

three more shadow boxes

I haven’t been feeling up to par the past few weeks, but have still enjoyed working at my craft desk on new shadow boxes. Here are three of them. Winter Evening Grandmother’s House Sledding Party These, and other ornaments I’ve made, as well as Putz houses, can be seen in my Etsy shop ChristmasNotebook. ~~Rhonda