macro mondays

Here are my submissions to this week’s flickr group Macro Mondays. The theme is “transparency.” The group allows five submissions each Monday.

I took this picture while waiting for DD at riding lessons.

big red marble

We have a small box full of old negatives from DH’s family. This one caught my eye. It was probably taken in Kansas. There must have been a circus going through. Someday, we’ll get these developed and see what we’ve got.

old negative

This shade of blue is my favorite color.

love the reflections

I like the light coming through this old green pitcher.

green pitcher

There is something about glass that I really like. Especially transparent colored glass.

marbles on a plate

Those were my submissions. Here are a few more I took, but didn’t submit to Macro Mondays.

lonely marble

The green light from the pitcher caused some pretty effects in the iced tea.

iced tea with green light

Blue canning jar with marbles.

jar of marbles

Clear marbles in a little blue dish.

little blue dish

~~Rhonda 🙂

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    Posted October 24, 2009 at 11:06 pm | Permalink

    The elephant in the negative may have been part of a circus that set up in the field between my father’s place of business and the East edge of Marissa. I may have been six years old. I remember that there was an elephant named “Alice.” A large tent was set up in the field near the highway. Several monkeys were in a cage. Since my father’s brother was your DH’s father, he may have attended the circus and taken the photo.

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