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macro monday ~ february 15, 2010

The theme for the flickr group Macro Mondays for Monday, February 15, was “heart’s desire.” I used a Valentine card and a chocolate covered strawberry for two photo submissions. Sugar outlines a heart on top a Valentine card. The chocolate covered strawberries were delicious. I took about 30 pictures to get one I liked well […]

7 days of shooting ~ january 10 – 16

This week’s theme on the flickr group 7 Days of Shooting was “double trouble.” The challenge was to shoot pictures of two of anything, following the daily focus. Macro Sunday / shoot something small Two pieces of DH’s delicious fudge Mono Monday / black and white, sepia, monotone Two glass cats Abstract Tuesday Two small […]

7 days of shooting ~ january 3-9

The theme this week for the flickr group 7 Days of Shooting was “blue.” The idea is to shoot pictures depicting the theme, with a different emphasis each day. It breaks down as follows… Macro Sunday – shoot something small. Curling ribbon Mono Monday – monochrome (for non-color themes, this could be black and white […]

favorite photos from 2009

January ~ We went to Florida. Wonderful to “get away” for a while. I especially like this picture of DH and DD, walking back from the water. February ~ Valentine tulips. March ~ Spring! April ~ Had to pick two this month. May ~ We had a lot of rain in May. June ~ I […]

macro monday and the theme was…drive me wild

Can’t believe Monday rolled around so quickly this week. Here are the shots I submitted to Macro Mondays for the theme “Drive Me Wild.” WHERE’D YOU PUT MY KEYS??…and yes, I’m shouting… Suburban keys / The sunlight shining through the prisms in the window added some pretty color to the shot. Car trouble / Sometimes […]

bridge therapy

Taking pictures of the bridge helps me not think about crossing the bridge. I guess I was too young when I read a Reader’s Digest article about a bridge falling into a river, taking cars with it…left a negative impression on me that lingers to this day…but this looks like a strong bridge, doesn’t it?? […]

macro mondays

This week’s Macro Mondays theme is “childish.” Here are my submissions. Glitter glue…sticky, messy fun. Love to mom. This (and one for dad) hangs on the fridge. A childish urge…don’t you just want to dip your finger in the sweet frosting goodness of it all? Three posts instead of five to Macro Mondays this week, […]

macro mondays

Here are my submissions to this week’s flickr group Macro Mondays. The theme is “transparency.” The group allows five submissions each Monday. I took this picture while waiting for DD at riding lessons. We have a small box full of old negatives from DH’s family. This one caught my eye. It was probably taken in […]

macro mondays

I participate in a flickr group called Macro Mondays. I haven’t posted many pictures the last month or so, because I’ve been adjusting to a new-to-me camera. My old camera, which finally died, let me get *real* close to a subject. I’ve had to get used to the new one, which DD gave me when […]

creative outlets

I’d be quite unhappy if I didn’t have some kind of creative outlet. I must confess, I have more than several areas of interest, but one of my favorites is photography. You’ve seen a lot of my photos on this blog. Following are some that don’t fit my usual blog topics. I am a member […]