family photographs

I’ve been uploading family photographs that my mother gave me. Lots of fun to look at. And it’s a good project to have underway. Here are some of my favorites, so far.

Dad’s and Mom’s high school graduation pictures.

Alan Ashby Georgia Maguire

My parents nine months before they were married. I think they were on their way to the State Fair in this picture. Someone correct me if I’m wrong…

Alan and Georgia

My parents on their wedding day.

Alan and Georgia's wedding

My paternal grandparents

Clarence and Ruth ~ August 1963

My maternal grandparents and my mother’s youngest brother.

1945 Harold, Nellie, and Tim Maguire

My mom and siblings…Mom’s the one with the feathers in her hair.

children with dolls


Alan Ashby

~~Rhonda 🙂

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