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macro monday ~ february 15, 2010

The theme for the flickr group Macro Mondays for Monday, February 15, was “heart’s desire.” I used a Valentine card and a chocolate covered strawberry for two photo submissions. Sugar outlines a heart on top a Valentine card. The chocolate covered strawberries were delicious. I took about 30 pictures to get one I liked well […]

macro mondays ~ january 25, 2010

The theme for Macro Mondays this week was “paper thin.” I submitted four photos. I took a picture of the Macro Mondays site, on my computer, with a sheet of vellum across part of the screen. This is an older shot from our garden. The fragile delicacy of the iris petals fascinates me. It is […]

macro monday ~ january 11, 2009

The theme for Macro Monday was “paradox.” That was a hard theme! I found two quotes I like and perused my photos for something to describe them. “I can resist anything except temptation.” Oscar Wilde I took the candy picture last year at Easter time. I love those Snickers Eggs! :-} “Some day you will […]

macro monday and the theme was…drive me wild

Can’t believe Monday rolled around so quickly this week. Here are the shots I submitted to Macro Mondays for the theme “Drive Me Wild.” WHERE’D YOU PUT MY KEYS??…and yes, I’m shouting… Suburban keys / The sunlight shining through the prisms in the window added some pretty color to the shot. Car trouble / Sometimes […]

macro mondays

I haven’t posted a Macro Monday for a while. This week’s challenge was “drips, drops and splashes.” Here are some shots I took for the theme. I like the way the stream gradually turns into drops. This one has drops in the middle, falling into a frothy splash. My favorite shot is this water crown. […]

macro mondays

This week’s Macro Mondays theme is “childish.” Here are my submissions. Glitter glue…sticky, messy fun. Love to mom. This (and one for dad) hangs on the fridge. A childish urge…don’t you just want to dip your finger in the sweet frosting goodness of it all? Three posts instead of five to Macro Mondays this week, […]

macro mondays

Here are my submissions to this week’s flickr group Macro Mondays. The theme is “transparency.” The group allows five submissions each Monday. I took this picture while waiting for DD at riding lessons. We have a small box full of old negatives from DH’s family. This one caught my eye. It was probably taken in […]

macro mondays

I participate in a flickr group called Macro Mondays. I haven’t posted many pictures the last month or so, because I’ve been adjusting to a new-to-me camera. My old camera, which finally died, let me get *real* close to a subject. I’ve had to get used to the new one, which DD gave me when […]