roof with a view

A few days ago, we noticed that the lightening rods on the back of the house had fallen over. DH went out on the roof last evening to see what was up. Or down…anyhoo, the big wind we had last week caught the edge of the roofing and lifted it and folded it back along the south side of the house. All three lightening rods on the south side were down, one completely off and tossed down to the roof of the enclosed back porch area. To know 
how to make your Tulsa roof last longer,
click on the link.

lightening rod down

After making repairs by following these tips, DH took a few pictures from the roof. A new perspective on parts of the yard. 🙂 Here’s the east side of the front yard. The driveway along the right side is the neighbor’s drive which sits between their yard and ours. At the top of the picture is the street that runs in front of our house. The closer driveway is ours. For more ideas, read more at Roofing Marketing Pro.

front yard, east side

The roof is about 44 feet off the ground. You can get a good view from up there. This picture shows our driveway. We need to remove all the plants from the center, put in about 18″ of topsoil and replant. The center of the drive sits lower than the many-times-rocked-over-the-years driveway. When it rains several inches or more, we get a temporary lake there.

driveway center

He laughed at me when I told him I could tell from this picture that the birdbath was not centered properly in the fenced garden. Guess we’ll be fixing that today… ;-D

fenced garden

You can click on any of the pics and it will take you to my flickr site. While there, move your cursor over the picture to read the notes I’ve added. They explain what some of the things are that you can see from the roof.

~~Rhonda 🙂

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