spring green

Last Saturday, DH cut some branches from the yard for forcing. The forsythia will take 10-14 days to bud out. It’s beginning to show signs of life. See that green peeking out?


The purple lilac buds are plump and dark…

purple lilac

…while the white lilac are bright green and slender.

white lilac

We like to force branches every January/February. They are a sweet reminder that spring is coming. In about a week, we should have forsythia blossoms brightening the kitchen table. Perhaps DH will brave the snow in the west yard and cut some quince in the next day or two. They bud beautifully, too.

You can try just about any shrub or tree. Some work better than others. Forsythia and quince flower well. Lilacs may make a small green bud of a flower, but won’t make a large blossom. Their bright green leaves are beautiful, though. The star magnolia makes a blossom, but it doesn’t have any scent, which is surprising considering how very heavy the scent is when the shrub blooms in the yard. You can try red bud trees, fruit trees, dogwood, honeysuckle, etc., anything that blooms in the spring.

Smash the ends of the branches, if you like, to make them take up water more easily, though it isn’t necessary. We never bother doing that. Keep the branches in a vase of fresh water and watch them bud. Even if you get only leaves, they will be a welcome splash of spring green, all the more lovely when it’s cold, snowy and dark outside!

~~Rhonda ::waiting for spring::

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    great idea!!!

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