New Orleans Mission Trip – Day 1 and 2

We left Bethel at 5:00 AM, Saturday morning.

the entire team

Proof we made it into Louisiana!

almost there!

Thirteen hours after we left home, we were in New Orleans at the home the church has set aside for housing mission teams.

mission team house

Sunday morning we attended the worship service at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Redeemer coordinates missions teams who come to work on Katrina damaged homes. It’s a small congregation, undertaking a very large work. They would appreciate your prayers on their behalf.

after Sunday morning worship

After lunch…kitchen duty….

Kitchen duty

…and nap time…

Like father....

Like father, like son…

Like son....

Across the street from the mission team’s house is a FEMA trailer in a front yard.

our neighborhood

Behind the house, a home with tattered blue tarp, still waiting for roof repair. The house on the far left of this picture, across the driveway from the mission team’s house is owned by someone Laurie went to high school with! Ask her and she’ll tell you all about her visit with Marsha.

behind the mission team house

The home the team will be rehabbing was bought by the home owner after Katrina. Gloria is doing the work as she is able to save the money needed for the repair. She told us rent is about $1500 to $2000 a month and it is cheaper for her to buy a home than to rent.

Gloria's home

While we wait for Gloria to arrive, Gary just has to take a peek…he can’t wait to get started. The team will be insulating and drywalling the home.

can't wait to get started!

The team unloaded the first load of supplies.

Lots of helping hands.

the work gang

This home had two feet of water in it. A lot of work has already been done.

interior of

Gloria and the mission team…the “before” picture.


This house will look a lot different at the end of the week. Check back for the “after” picture!

After meeting Gloria, Chuck took us on a tour of some of the damaged areas in New Orleans. You can see those pictures on my flickr site.

We returned to the mission team’s house and a few of the guys repaired the porch swing for Cambria and Mary, our house hostesses. A previous team had overloaded the swing, pulling it out of the ceiling.


A supper of taco soup, cornbread with Bethel apple butter, and chips and veggies hit the spot.

supper time

I will up update as I have time. Please check back!


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  1. susan
    Posted January 11, 2008 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

    Oh Rhonda, this is so wonderful for a day by day way to pray! Some years we just have to wonder what’s going on! Also, it’s wonderful to see you there–You are amazing and I soooo thank God for you.


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