a great party

We had a wonderful time at the open house. I have been too busy prior to it to post, but will spend some time tomorrow putting up pictures and talking about the prep. Here are a few pics from around the house today.

Cookie Buddies – my friends Laurie, Bethany, and Gary kept the kitchen running and the cookie trays full, along with my sister Genny, who missed getting her picture taken. Because of their tremendous help, we were able to concentrate on greeting our guests.

Cookie Buddies minus one

I put up a “grand-baby tree” in the hall of the addition.

Grand-baby Tree

It was decorated with baby items, pictures of the twins, baby footprint ribbon, and blue/pink glass balls, and a fuzzy pink baby blanket served as a tree skirt. This tree garnered a lot of comments. It was a favorite along with the “glass” tree in our bedroom.

Just before the open house, DD#3 added the holly berries to the wreath we painted on the door to the addition. We use poster (tempera) paint. Easy and a fun decoration. DD uses her finger to make the berry dots. This door was originally the front door of the house DH’s father was born in and lived in all his life.

adding the berries

DD#1’s tree had paper doves on it.

Dec 2007 099

DD#2’s tree was decorated with twiggy stars and felt ornaments.

Dec 2007 098

I changed the little tree in the corner of the kitchen counter to display framed pictures of our family.

family tree

Saturday afternoon Gary brought over his latest creation…the windows for the door to the downstairs bath! They are beautiful!! Thank you, Gary!

Gary's windows

Gary's window

Tomorrow I will post more. Now I’m headed for bed and a good night’s sleep! ~~Rhonda

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