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DD#2’s cat, Zilli, is a very relaxed kitty. She slept like that for about 20 minutes, but we disturbed her slumber with all the funny pics we were taking of her. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

does this picture make me look fat?

I snapped a picture this morning of Happy taking a snoozle on the arm of the recliner in the library. She looked rather comical with all the fluff overflowing the arm of the chair. ~~Rhonda 🙂

our kitties

Someone said, “Dogs have masters, cats have staff.” Seems to be the case around here. We started with Happy when DD was three years old. She is DD#3’s kitty, but she thinks she is DH’s cat. She loves him. When DH and I sit down to chat, Happy comes from anywhere in the house and […]

walking the yard

This afternoon, I took a walk around the yard to cut some iris that had fallen in the rain. We’ve had more than 3″ of rain since Wednesday, with more coming Sunday to Wednesday. DH stopped by on his lunch hour and we walked around the front yard to see the newly opened irises. But […]

Zilli and the ladybug

It’s spring and that means ladybugs in the house on warm days. Zilli found one in the kitchen this morning. Gotcha! She rolled over and promptly lost the little bug. She looked all over the floor but couldn’t find it. Ladybug? What ladybug? Not sure when it quit hitchhiking, but it may be outside now. […]

chasing shadows

My daughter took this great shot of my kitty Zak playing in the snow over the holidays. I love this picture. ~~Rhonda