daylilies…they’re not just orange or yellow

I have lost track of the number of people who have walked through our garden and then said, “I thought daylilies only came in orange or yellow!” Here’s proof they come in many colors…

Let’s start with a beautiful white one with a lovely green throat.
‘Gentle Shepherd’

'Gentle Shepherd'

‘Jungle Beauty’ is one of my favorite “near black” daylilies.

'Jungle Beauty'

‘Lilting Lavender’

'Lilting Lavender'

‘Apple Tart’ This flower seems to glow with red.

'Apple Tart'

A darker lavender is ‘Hundredth Anniversary.’

'Hundredth Anniversary'

‘Rose Emily’

'Rose Emily'

‘Last Picture Show’


Another favorite of mine…’Wayne Johnson.’ He never fails to impress.

'Wayne Johnson'

‘Forever Loving You’ A beautiful blend of pink and yellow.

'Forever Loving You'

‘Siamese Royalty’

'Siamese Royalty'

‘Spider Man’

'Spider Man'

Do you like ruffles? ‘Accent on Style’

'Accent on Style'

More Ruffles…’Ivory Edges.’

'Ivory Edges'

Does a two-tone effect float your boat? ‘Thumbprint’


Or a double flower? ‘Amy Michelle’

'Amy Michelle'

Or a gorgeous eye? ‘Wineberry Candy’

'Wineberry Candy'


Daylily 'Nefertiti'

That barely scrapes the surface. But daylilies are beautiful in any shade. Even orange and yellow!

If you’re local, come by Wednesday, June 29, 10:00-2:00 for our daylily sale. You can stroll through and pick out what you like or look at my flickr pictures and make a shopping list. Send it any time between now and the sale, and Russell can dig your order and call you for pick up or have it waiting here. A few pictured daylilies may not be available. It just depends on how big the clump is.

Flickr 2010 Daylilies

Flickr 2011 Daylilies


in the garden…new daylilies every day

This is a beautiful time of the year in our garden, notwithstanding the summer heat. The daylilies are blooming profusely. The breeze sends their sweet scent across the garden. This evening was a beautiful time to be outside. The heat had let up a bit, the evening was long, and the bugs were not bothersome. We also had an impromptu visit from friends who were driving by and saw us in the yard. Great to see John and Betty!

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.




‘Red Volunteer’

'Red Volunteer'





If you’re local and would like to purchase daylilies, we are planning a sale for Wednesday, June 29. DH will be in the garden from 10:00-2:00. All proceeds benefit the mission fund of our church. Stop by and enjoy the daylilies!


menu plan monday ~ june 20, 2016

Happy birthday to my sister Genny! I just came back from a fun weekend with her and my other four sisters and sister-in-law. We have Sisters’ Weekend once a year and it’s always a lot of fun. We made necklaces, some using beads from necklaces our mom wore.

Sisters' Weekend

On Sunday, our families joined us and we had “Pies for Guys” after dinner. Two apple pies, a blackberry pie and a peach pie. With ice cream, of course. Yummy! A small thank you considering all the things the dads in our family do for us.

Pies for guys

My own dad enjoyed having all seven children there for dinner on Sunday, as well as some of their spouses and children and children’s children. He is a great blessing to our family and we are thankful to God for him. I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating with your own fathers or remembering them with love and thankfulness.

We came home with two coolers of farm fresh beef, as well as four dozen eggs, that my niece and her husband raised on their farm. It will be nice to have such good meat stocked in the freezer, and their eggs are always delicious. Chris and Julie will have beef halves and quarters available this fall, if anyone is interested.

The menu for the week is as follows.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Sourdough Bread
Boiled Eggs

Tacos and Fixin’s
using some of Chris and Julie’s beef.

Ham or Turkey Sandwiches
Sourdough Bread
Celery Sticks
Cucumber Spears

Chef Salad

Pan Seared Tilapia
Steamed Sugar Snap Peas
Garden Salad

Fridge Food

Roasted Chicken in the Crock Pot
Corn on the Cob
Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes

You can find more menus and ideas at Menu Plan Monday.


white putz church with a red roof

I have been working on three red and white Putz houses for a week or so. Today I finished the little country church. I love the way it came together.

Lights on…

Putz house

Lights off…

Putz house

I am learning how to make bead sprays and used three of them to back the church. I plan to make more and use them to embellish future Putz houses.

Are there any particular colors you would like to see a Putz house decorated with? Just say the word. I’ll give it a go. I need a good variety for my Etsy shop, ChristmasNotebook, so am happy to get suggestions.


menu plan monday ~ june 13, 2016

Daylily season is on us. We love this time of year. Here are a few of the newly opened flowers from today.

‘In Springtime’

'In Springtime'

‘Siloam June Bug’

'Siloam June Bug'

‘Indian Giver’

'Indian Giver'

‘Imperial Lemon’

'Lunar Mist'

‘Wayne Johnson’

'Wayne Johnson'

Many more to come. While we wait, here’s the menu for the week.

Turkey Sandwiches
Dill Pickles
Fresh Veggies

Chef Salad

Pan Seared Tilapia
Stir Fried Veggies with Garlic

Crock Pot Chicken Teriyaki
Brown Rice
Steamed Broccoli

Turkey or Ham Sandwiches
Fruit Salad

Fridge Food

Pork Loin Sandwiches
Veggie Tray
Fresh Fruit
Father’s Day Dessert…pending

You can find more menus and ideas at Menu Plan Monday.


three peaks red putz house

This is the last house of the five I’ve worked on this week. This little three peaks house is done in red with a green roof.

Red Putz house

A simple fence surrounds the yard space.

Red Putz house

Two snowy bottle brush trees decorate the front of the house.

Red Putz house

You can see more pictures of this house and others in my Etsy shop. ChristmasNotebook


red and white “ski slope” house

A friend asked for a red and white Putz house, so I came up with this one. I will be making more red and white ones soon. I call this design “the ski slope” house. I drew the simple pattern myself. An easy house to draw a pattern for and an easy house to construct.

In process…

Putz house

Here’s the before picture…

Putz houses

And the after…

Putz house

A simple fence with a wavy edge seemed just right. I cut it down from 1/2″ to 3/8″ because the half inch fence was a bit too tall.

Putz house

It is embellished with mostly white, a little silver and a few red berries.

Putz house

This house is spoken for, but you can see many more of my Putz houses, as well as other Christmas goodies, in my Etsy shop. ChristmasNotebook


finished two putz houses

A few posts ago, I showed you a few new colors I am working on with the Putz houses. Today I completed two of the five houses currently in process.

The first one is a pumpkin gold color with an olive green roof. Not my personal favorite colors, but my Mom would have loved them.

Putz house

Without the lights on…I wish pictures would truly show how glittery the houses are.

Putz house

The other house is the same pattern, but done with red and green paint.

Putz house

The different color schemes change the entire look of the house. And dictate the embellishments to some extent.

Putz house

The two houses are listed in my Etsy shop. ChristmasNotebook

I had company yesterday afternoon and the twins arrived for a few days, as well, so I didn’t get to the other three houses that are ready to embellish. I hope to finish those today.


the garden this week

First, I have to say…I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE MY LAPTOP BACK!!! Many thanks to DH for putting in the new keyboard which seems to have fixed all the problems. Now I can resume blog posting with ease.

Here are a few pictures from the garden. We go out after DH gets home work and, at that time of day, parts of the garden are in evening shade, so some pictures are not as nice as I’d prefer. But you can get a taste of what is out there. Lots going on this time of year.

The spirea is starting to fade, but just a few days ago, it was in its full glory.


I used some of the spirea in a bouquet with rhododendron for church two weeks ago.

Sunday bouquet May 29, 2016

We have a nice patch of white lilies. There are red ones blooming, too, but I don’t have a picture of them. We also have some pink ones that will be out sometime during the next week.

white lilies

The hostas are looking good. This one is ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd.’

Hosta 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd"

This is a large hosta called ‘Komodo Dragon.’ The plant is still young. At maturity, it will be much larger. It came from Hallson Gardens, as many of our hostas do. I like ordering from them. They ship beautiful plants, wrapped with care and the customer service is outstanding. They sell a variety of plants, not just hostas.


This large hosta is ‘Journey’s End.’

Hosta 'Journey's End'

There is a bit of astilbe in one hosta bed. I’d love to have more of this.


We have a few Japanese iris. It would be nice to have more of those, too. They bloom later than the bearded iris and extend the iris season by quite a bit.

Japanese iris

Everything looks so lush and green and full this time of year. DH discovered that a black snake lives in this bed. There is also a ground hornets nest at the north end. The snake we will leave be, but the hornets have to go.

front birdbath bed

The front porch in the evening light.

front porch

Hydrangeas at the front steps.


Follow this path around the west end of the addition and you can visit the back yard.

west side of the addition

Lacecap hydrangea. Aren’t they a beautiful color?

lacecap hydrangea

This lacecap hydrangea is in the middle of the driveway circle. DH has a perpetual job in the garden…weeding.


The bush has blossoms that are almost a periwinkle blue.

lacecap hydrangea

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour. We are just beginning the daylily season. There will pictures of those soon.


three little kittens…well, not so little any more…

For a change of pace, I thought I’d post about three of our kitties. We have a lot of cats. More than three. It’s a good thing we are cat people. Half our cats adopted us. And we can’t say no. How do they know??

This is Ski. He is my cat. He is two years old. He’s named after soda. He loves to do the laundry with me.


When I start the laundry, Ski shows up. He prefers a few towels for his comfort on the chair. Then he stays till laundry is done.

Ski, the laundry cat

Here are Clark and Winston. They turned one in May. Clark has an ‘S’ shape in his fur on his back. Which reminded me of Superman. So “Clark” seemed obvious. Winston is named after Winston Churchill, though I am not sure why. Clark is one of the fluffiest cats around. His fur is super soft. He and Winston are from the same litter. They do a lot of things together.

Clark and Winston

Not always quite this funny, though…

Clark and Winston

A lot of what they do together is nap.

Clark and Winston

Clark would like to be outside. No can do. The few times he has managed to get through the door, he has immediately dropped on the sidewalk and rolled. You can’t imagine how awful it is to get sticks and burrs and leaves and dirt out of his fur.

Clark enjoys the spring breeze

Clark is a very relaxed cat. He tolerates a lot of love.

An armful of Clark

Winston is quite laid back. He always has time to stop and enjoy the moment. Even when he’s not supposed to be on the craft desk.

Winston loves flowers

If you have pets, tell them Ski, Winston and Clark say hi.