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I’m listening to lots of hammering as the new floor goes down. It feels great to just sit back and wait before I have to do anything else in the addition. I thought I’d post a few more pictures of our new kitty, Niko. He is still staying mainly in DD#2’s room/bath (by his own […]

I think he likes it…

Niko came downstairs late last night to check out the paint colors for the laundry room. He’s very curious! So far, he hasn’t picked up any new fur colors. ~~Rhonda ::still painting::

not quite friends…yet

Yesterday and today, we left the doors open for Niko and let him come and go as he pleased. While I worked in the scrapbook room last night, Niko stayed nearby. He seems to like to be around people. He was interested in the printer when I ran off the bulletin inserts. The printer always […]

niko explores

Yesterday and today, we put Buttercup in the basement for a while, and let Niko roam around the house. He was happy to be out of the bedroom. In the kitchen, he stood at the back door and watched the outdoor cats. He thought DD’s school book bag was full of interesting smells. This evening […]

niko gets comfy

Niko seems to be quite relaxed and easy going. He is still being kept in DD#2’s room while he adjusts. And while Buttercup adjusts to the fact that there is a new kitty around. DD found him in the bathroom sink when she went in to visit this afternoon. He likes to have someone around. […]

there’s a new kitty in the house

We adopted a new kitty today. Niko is a beautiful Birman cat. We’re thrilled his previous family chose us to his new family. We drove 50 minutes north to pick him up. His family provided all his toys, his bed, his kitty house, etc., so he has a lot of familiar items to help him […]

buttercup loves the railing

Last night, while DD was getting ready for bed, Buttercup waited for her by sitting on the railing at the top of the stairs. And this morning, when I came down for breakfast, there she was guarding the newel post. She’s been sitting there a lot lately. I’m not sure why she decided all of […]

pirate cat

DD was not feeling well today and stayed home from school. She found several projects that kept her quietly occupied. She read all the comic books in her sister’s room. She played on the computer for a while. And she designed a pirate costume for Buttercup. She began by making a bandanna from red fabric. […]

Zilli and Buttercup

It’s been two years since we adopted Buttercup, Zilli, and Zak. They are fun additions to the family. I came across these pictures today while looking for something else. Zilli and Buttercup still play together almost every morning, early, chasing each other around the house at break-neck speed. And here they are on the ladder […]


DD#2’s cat, Zilli, is a very relaxed kitty. She slept like that for about 20 minutes, but we disturbed her slumber with all the funny pics we were taking of her. 🙂 ~~Rhonda