Monthly Archives: March 2012

tutorial for making fences for putz houses

As in other crafting and artistic projects, each crafter has a personal style that marks the Putz (little glitter houses) he/she makes. The details and embellishments added to your own creations, as well as the level of craftsmanship you develop, will mark your work as yours. Vintage Putz houses, as well as modern interpretations of […]

menu plan monday ~ march 5, 2012

We had fun keeping the girls overnight last weekend, though the twins were a little croupy. This sweet girl stayed home from Sunday School because she was running a low grade temp. Pa listened to her lungs to be sure she wasn’t verging on pneumonia. Thankfully, all clear! Then she took a turn listening to […]

spring color

The mini daffodils ‘Tete-a-Tete’ are making bright patches around the yard. I love the color of the Lenten Rose. So welcome this time of year. A few years ago, I found a single snowdrop blooming under the apple tree. This year, there are five blossoms. The leaves of ‘Star of Bethlehem’ sprout a bright green […]