Monthly Archives: October 2011

menu plan monday ~ october 10, 2011

Two more Christmas trees went up this weekend. The Nativity Tree and the Three Kings Tree. Both are in the library. As we decorate, the kittens are having a good time with the bits and pieces. We’re counting down…thirteen more days and the grands will be here! The three girls are coming back with Pa, […]

kittens and Christmas trees…not sure this is going to work

We put the nativity tree up in the library this weekend. We have had a lot of cats over the years and none have ever bothered any of the many trees we have. Things are changing. Several times this weekend, we had to chase Cedar and Amy out of the tree! They seem to think […]

country drive

I love the changing countryside in autumn. DH and I took a ride the other day. Getting out is difficult for me, with the pain in my knees and other problems, but it’s worth the effort to get out of the house occasionally. Even thistles look pretty with a little back lighting. Roadside scofflaws. We […]

menu plan monday ~ october 3, 2011

With the onset of October, I start the annual cookie/candy production for our Christmas open house. Sunday afternoon, I made Date Balls (thanks again, Mellanie, for this great recipe!). These are one of my favorite holiday treats. And they freeze beautifully, even with the powdered sugar on them. This week, I’ll make another batch of […]