Monthly Archives: June 2010

cooler temps this week

We’re seeing cooler temperatures than we’ve had for a few weeks. It makes the garden much more enjoyable! ‘Heaven’s Trophy’ Purple Coneflowers ‘Monterrey Jack’ ‘Fooled Me’ This interesting blossom was not only a polymerus bloom, but a fused bloom, as well. Another polymerous bloom this week…’Catherine Woodbury.’ ‘Chicago Blackout’ ‘Carolicolassal’ ‘Dragon King’ ‘Accent on Style’ […]

menu plan monday ~ june 28, 2010

I’m late getting the menu posted this week. We were gone most of the day…went to Missouri to visit a nursery there. Wine Country Gardens. They have a few daylilies… So we were busy. 🙂 But we’re home now and I need to post this soon. Monday Eat out Tuesday Spaghetti and homemade sauce Garlic […]

blooms, blooms, blooms

The daylilies are remarkable right now. Lots of blooms, lots of color, lots of wonderful fragrance in the garden. The Japanese beetles have arrived and are leaving a few holes here and there. Thankfully, they do not eat daylilies! I’ve been checking the Queen Anne’s Lace for butterfly eggs, but haven’t found any yet. Perhaps […]

menu plan monday ~ june 21, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, DH and I drove north to visit with my parents and two of my sisters. We took Dad out to eat, in celebration of Father’s Day. We sat at the restaurant for an hour and a half. A good visit and some interesting talk with Dad about his passion, Civil War history. On […]

happy father’s day

Happy Father’s Day to my beloved husband, a wonderful dad to our children, a godly man, always loving, always faithful, always giving. He’s a son, a father, and a grandfather. Dad to five… Our first son and his family… Our second son and his wife… Our daughters… and Grandpa to three… He’s the best dad […]

summer garden time

It’s hot and humid this week, but the daylilies are blooming well. Here are a few pictures from the garden. I hope you enjoyed the garden tour. Hop over to Tootsie Time to check out links to other gardens. ~~Rhonda

apricot jam ~ sunny summer goodness

The apricot tree was loaded with fruit this year. After seeing the deer and the groundhog help themselves to fallen fruit, we sent the girls out to collect the yummy nuggets so we could make apricot jam. The first thing that had to be done was cull the fruit. A lot was thrown out, but […]

today’s favorites

Here are a few of my favorites from the daylilies blooming today. ‘Jedi Tequila Sunrise’ ‘Last Picture Show’ ‘Lilting Lavender’ ‘Fooled Me’ ‘Metaphor’ ‘Second Hand Rose’ ‘Arctic Snow’ ‘Siamese Royalty’ ‘Night Beacon’ Can’t wait to see what opens tomorrow! Visit other gardens and see what’s blooming there at Jean’s Bloomin’ Tuesday. ~~Rhonda

menu plan monday ~ june 14, 2010

It’s hot and humid outside, but the garden is a blaze of glorious color and it’s impossible to stay inside when the daylilies are in full bloom. My choices for the menu are easy-to-make ones. Pizza Hut is a special request from DD#1 who will be leaving this week for a summer in NY. Chicken […]

99 down, 276 to go

Currently, we have 375 daylilies in our database. As of yesterday, 99 of the cultivars have bloomed. Only 276 to go! Keeping up with FFOs (first flower out) right now is keeping us busy. Here are a few pictures from the garden this morning. This picture from the front of the house does not show […]