Monthly Archives: March 2010

menu plan monday ~ march 15, 2010

This picture of DD checking the mail for her NetFlix movie was taken a few days ago. One of those sunny days we had last week…today is cloudy and cool. But spring is here. Daffodils are blooming, tree buds are swelling, the grass is turning green. A few more sunny days and the yard will […]

one spring day

Wednesday was a fine spring day. Temperature in the low to mid 70s, sunny, breezy. Twenty degrees above normal for this time of year, but who’s counting?? It was a beautiful day. On days like that, I look at the sky and wonder…how can it possibly be that blue? We spent some time outside, of […]

spring reading

This time of year, when it’s not quite warm enough to dig in the dirt, but warm enough to know the time is almost here, I love to look to my gardening books for inspiration. Currently I’m browsing these, among others. I’d like to redo the beds behind the house. They are such a mess. […]

menu plan monday ~ march 8, 2010

Every spring, when the crocus bloom, I wish I’d purchased more bulbs the fall before. Can’t have too many harbingers of spring, can one? This week looks like a fairly quite one, as far as the calendar is concerned. I didn’t have to plan the menu around any major events, which is nice for a […]

mini muffins

DD likes poppy seed muffins, and a friend gave me some fresh poppy seeds the other day, so this afternoon I made a batch of mini muffins, using this recipe at Seasaltwithfood. The zest and juice of a fresh lemon make them extra delicious. An easy recipe. Mix the dry ingredients together. Mix the wet […]

first blossoms of spring

The daffodils have buds, and the crocus are opening. Spring is official. What you don’t see is a picture of me smiling, but rest assured…I am! Visit other gardens and their gardeners at Tootsie Time’s Fertilizer Friday. ~~Rhonda 🙂

tomato, bacon, bean soup

DD loves tomato soup, so I tried this recipe for her. Served it with grilled cheese sandwiches made with homemade bread. I basically followed the recipe, but added some basil and celery seed and changed the amounts a bit. Here’s my version. Tomato, Bacon, and Bean Soup 1/4 pound bacon, diced 2 garlic cloves, minced […]